Paintball Northampton

Skirmish Paintball in Northampton boast a large woodland Paintball Site, with varied themed paintball arenas, including trenches, bunkers, jungles, and structures. 

Paintball & Laser Tag Northampton

Experience Something New

If you have played with us before, you will have experienced this quality of Paintball first hand. If you want to try Paintball for the first time, you have come to the right place. If you have any questions, or special requirements, you can call our booking office on 01933 314 805 to speak to our friendly staff, anytime between 9 and 5, seven days a week. Or send an email to

Skirmish Paintball Northampton

Surpassing UKPSF Requirements

There are no other Paintball sites in the UK that can guarantee the quality of your safety, provide you with the best and newest equipment, and really care about your day out like Skirmish do. 
Our marshalls go through a rigorous training scheme before they start leading groups of customers, so that  you know that your team leader will be professional and keep you safe.


Paintballing in Northampton

Paintball, Laser Tag & Airsoft

Skirmish Paintball in Northampton, providing Paintball and Laser Tag to Northampton. Experience Real Paintball. Skirmish Central has Jungles, Forts, Trenches and more, created by professionals to provide the highest quality of battlegrounds. Skirmish Central use biodegradable Paintballs, that absorb water and completely disintigrate, leaving zero harmful residue for the enviornment.

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