Laser Tag


All New Skirmish Battle Tag is going to change people’s impression of  – outdoor laser tag – once and for all.

Perfect for an Adult Activity day but also available in a *Kids Mode for Birthday Parties.

It is a game you cannot stop playing: realistic weapon recoil, explosions, intelligent shot indication, and a comprehensive set of stats displayed on the screen of the weapon.

Safety begins with the specially designed shape of the equipment and its technology, encouraging players to hold the gun with two hands and preventing them from covering the hit sensors.

Each Skirmish Battle Tagger  features a color OLED-screen. It displays 12 indicators at the same time: number of hits and defeats, health and ammo scales, type of weapon, number of clips, player’s rating, super weapon mode, and game timer. The wide view angles of the display allows players to see their score in game .

Check your stats :

• Pre-game — default settings, type of weapon and player’s role;

• Active-game— stats and kit settings during the game;

• Post-game — player’s statistics in the game round and printouts available to take home.

The display is integrated into the weapon A protective screen protects the Oled panel. 

You can switch off the laser tag screen in game mode in it’s settings. This feature is implemented in order  to prevent exposing the player’s location if the game takes place at night or in a dark space theme arena.

Different scenarios make games interesting and captivating. Conditions of ending the game, duration of the round, health and ammo points, as well as many other features can be adjusted. Having this option, we can satisfy the needs of our most regular customers .

New Battle Royale game mode

“Battle Royale” is one of the most popular scenarios in the world of computer games of 2019-2020. This is a full game, which is as close to a computer analog as possible:

  • Players play for themselves (1 player or a squad) and only one wins (1 player or a squad);
  • The area in which the participants fight is gradually narrowing and, thus, makes the players fight more actively;
  • As soon as the player is outside the playing area, his health is gradually depleted;

In this scenario, there is no way to be respawned, so each shootout may be the last for the player.

Kids Mode — games  for children

Kids Mode is a new game mode specifically adapted for the youngest visitors of our Battle Tag centre – for 7 y.o. children and older Parents and family members can join in. Now instructors will not have a headache over what scenario to choose for the children while the youngest players will easily understand all rules and details of the game process.

Active Kids Mode features:

  • Active reload;
  • Infinite number of magazines;
  • Disabled sensor so players can shoot with one hand;
  • Sirius respawn units in game arenas
  •  Smart Domination Box tag point in game.
  • Zombie Game

Due to the game being totally safe, it is great for schools and childrens parties. Players aged 7+ can come play at Laser Tag Northampton, where they will receive the latest Laser equipment, as well as camo suits and snoods.

Skirmish Central Battle Taggers are also  ideal for teambuilding, corporate events, and private party laser games.

We can also come to you, and set up our custom purpose Battle Tag inflatable arena in an area of your choice. For a day to always remember, call our booking line on 01933 314805 / 01234 510012.

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