pyrotechnics at Skirmish Central Outdoor Activity centre.

Pyrotechnics that can be purchased from  Skirmish Paintball Central are for sale to players 17+.

Hot and Cold Food served daily 
Food cooked to order.
Burgers, Hot dogs, chips and all confectionary, hot/cold drinks and snacks available for purchase onsite.

Burger/Hot Dog £3  Burger/Hot Dog with Chips £5.00


Smoke Bombs 
Smoke Bombs use the same lighting technology as the hand grenade, with a reverse side to the cap which you must strike against the fuse. When a smoke bomb is lit, it releases coloured smoke for about 2 minutes, to provide cover, or smoke out other paintball players.

Must be 18+    £5 for 1     £9.00 for 2

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