The Best Outdoor Activity Centre serving Beds,Bucks,Herts and Northants

At the  Skirmish Central Outdoor Activity Centre we offer a range of activities to suit your desires.

Established primarily as a paintball venue in 1986 we now offer exciting alternative activities to our rosta. Why not try : Paintball suitable from 11yrs,Airsoft from 13yrs,Splatball from 7yrs,Outdoor Lasertag from 7yrs and( new for 2018) Axe Throwing and Forest Pursuits ( ideal for schools and student bodies).

Full Day activities from 09.30 to 16.30 approx : Paintball,Airsoft,Forest Pursuits.

Half Day activities am or pm : Paintball ,Forest Pursuits.

2 hour sessions (start times) 9.30/12.00/2.30 All year and 5.00pm (may to september) : Splatball ,Outdoor Lasertag,Axe Throwing 

Evening Sessions (start times 5 - 6 pm May to September by request)

Stag & Hen Paintbal/Airsoft games - Planning a weekend of fun and debauchery to celebrate the imminent hitching of a close pal? What could be more fun than getting together all of his or her friends, dressing them up and shooting paintballs/bb's at them all day. Not much we're willing to wager.

Corporate Hospitality - Whether you’re looking to strengthen relationships with an existing customer or find a unique way to approach a new customer, a day paintballing at Skirmish Central will leave a long lasting and positive impression.

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